Basement Fodder Podcast #100

How has it been nearly two years since we started the show? Huddled together at my old hand made wooden desk, one crappy microphone and a loud, outdated PC, Dave and I began this journey. Now two years later, every week we come through your headphones with another episode of two guys giving their thoughts and views on life, comics, gaming, t.v., movies and just about everything else. I never expected it to go so far. So much has come from doing this show, opportunities that I never imagined have become realities. Recording live from our own booths at a dozen conventions in three states, covering many more as press, interacting with celebrities, recording with amazing guests, participating in panels, guest hosting other shows and the list goes on. What does the future hold for Dave and myself? We’ve branched out, starting our second show, The Todd Files a few months ago. We’re hard at work on our first comic book. Who knows what else is in store, for now, we keep plugging along and trying to do what we set out to do at the beginning, have the most fun we can and share it for others to make them laugh. Listen to #100 with guest star Dirk Manning      – Todd


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