Basement Fodder #103

This week we were once again LIVE from Stebbins Con winter 2015! Dave had to work, so he was ably replaced by the Original Basement Babe Victoria. This show turned out to be the perfect example of what its like tabling at a Con. The first ten minutes is sort of rambling, then we’re lucky enough to be joined by makeup FX artist Ben Peter of Syfy’s Face Off season 8! This was an awesome geek moment for me as i’ve watched every episode since the beginning and Ben is responsible for some of my favorite makeups from the show. We talk his experiences on the show, the judging, the other contestants, how the show has effected his career and life. It was a true pleasure. Then i made the mistake of leaving the table for a few minutes and Victoria and our friend Gwen commandeered the show and talked about a myriad of subjects including my ass! Never again ladies! This is a fun show and i enjoyed recording it. Click here to listen to the show!


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