Basement Fodder epidsode 109

A brand new episode of Basement Fodder Podcast! We go in depth on the WWE Royal Rumble and the RAW fallout. We review the weekly DC TV Universe shows. We give a few Kickstarter updates and we cap it off by singing a birthday salute to our good buddy, Dirk Manning! Click here to listen to this weeks show!


The Todd Files: After Dark w/ Stefani Manard

How to describe this one? Michelle and I are joined for this inaugural After Dark, by the lovely and talented Stefani Manard of Master Plot podcast and! We spend the hour talking about a myriad of things but mainly just letting our hair down and enjoying each others company. It was truly one of the most fun experiences i’ve had a a podcaster. Huge thanks to Stefani and Michelle for an amazing night! Click here to listen to this weeks show!

Basement Fodder episode 107

Dave and I are back this week, and folks its been a rough 2016 so far. We spend time talking about the long list of deaths that have hit us including David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Lemmy, Angus Scrimm and more. We talk about the impact some of these artists have had on our lives. We also go into our little experiment in trying not to fast forward with TNA Impact vs. WWE Raw. We roundout with some annoucements, updates and casting news. A fun show as always! Click here to listen to this weeks show!

Goodbye Mr. Rickman

I looked up from my work this morning to see the news that Alan Rickman was taken from us after a short battle with cancer. Being a man that loves and studies character actors, Rickman was at the top of the list. Those of that are pop culture fanatics owe some of our favorite characters to the talent of this man. Hans Gruber, Snape, The Sheriff of Nottingham, The Metatron and Dr. Lazarus. Too many more to list. He was unforgettable, in his voice and manner, he brought poise and humor and gravitas to each role. I felt a deep sadness when i saw this news, i felt the tears form. Its strange how a performer can effect you in such a way. He was one of a kind, unique and nuanced. I mourn his loss and my heart goes out to his friends and family. I’ll end with a quote from Galaxy Quest’s  Dr. Lazarus: “By Grabthar’s hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged!”  – Todd

The Basement Fodder Nerd Years Eve Vodcast

New Year’s has always been a bit of a non-holiday for me. Truth be told, i usually sleep though it and I rarely if ever watch the ball drop. It’s just an excuse to get drunk and handsy with the other drunkies you’re with. God knows I don’t need that excuse! But this year, we decided to give it a shot and get plastered for all the world to see. So sit back and enjoy this odd drunken puppet show/ vodcast! Be warned, its not for the easily offended. Click here to watch the show!

Times, they are a changin’

Hey everyone! A little announcement, some changes to The Todd Filesgoing forward. As i’m terrible at organization, all contact and booking for the show will be handled by Rognvald J. Dandy, who will be acting as a producer for the show. He can be reached through the Todd Files page or his facebook page, other contact info can be obtained directly from him. In addition, i’m happy to announce that my fellow Digital Nerdage podcaster and great friend, Michelle Joy Gallagher will be joining me as a part time co-host! We’ve wanted to work together for some time now, and we feel this will be a perfect fit. Due to time zone differences and scheduling, she’s only going to be able to join me for certain shows, but i feel lucky to have her there at all. So a huge welcome to The Basement of Doomfamily to Rog and Michelle!