Goodbye Mr. Rickman

I looked up from my work this morning to see the news that Alan Rickman was taken from us after a short battle with cancer. Being a man that loves and studies character actors, Rickman was at the top of the list. Those of that are pop culture fanatics owe some of our favorite characters to the talent of this man. Hans Gruber, Snape, The Sheriff of Nottingham, The Metatron and Dr. Lazarus. Too many more to list. He was unforgettable, in his voice and manner, he brought poise and humor and gravitas to each role. I felt a deep sadness when i saw this news, i felt the tears form. Its strange how a performer can effect you in such a way. He was one of a kind, unique and nuanced. I mourn his loss and my heart goes out to his friends and family. I’ll end with a quote from Galaxy Quest’s  Dr. Lazarus: “By Grabthar’s hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged!”  – Todd


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