Hotshot #7 Review

I bought the first six issues of Hotshot many months ago. As you may know from listening to Basement Fodder or The Todd Files, I tried to just read one issue, but i mainlined all six in a row. I couldn’t put it down. The characters were so real, so well crafted and three dimensional. The artwork was solid, stylized but accurate and the colors leaped off the page. I had to have more! Well, finally, Hotshot makes his triumphant return in Hotshot #7 from Legacy Rising Publications. New publisher, same dynamic, balls to the wall storytelling and artwork that made me fall in love with the series. Not only was Hotshot back and fighting freaking dragons, but he was teaming up with Cary Kelley’s Dynagirl! This is one of the things I love about Legacy Rising Publications, they are building a universe of characters, a universe that branches out to include appearances by heroes from other comic companies. Think about it, an indie comic universe just as expansive and deep as the DC or Marvel universes. But that’s another article altogether. The action sequences are epic in scale, giving equal attention to both the heroes and their immensely powerful villain Dragoness. The writing is smooth and fits the previous issues well, which is impressive as the previous issues were written by scribe Victor Dandridge. Cary Kelley ably steps in and really delivers, making the transition smooth for the reader. The star of the book in the previous issues has been the relationship between Hotshot and his love interest Carla. I’ll admit i was nervous with the writing change as Dandridge is known for his ability to write realistic and powerful character interactions. But i needn’t have worried, as Kelley tackles this part of the story with masterful precision. The only true complaint i have about the issue is that it leaves you wanting more, which is in this case a good thing. Hotshot #7 is a solid return to the series and one that should not be missed, especially by those who’ve loved the previous issues. Highly reccommended! – Todd of Basement Fodder

Hotshot #7

Written By Cary Kelly Drawn By Michael Watson

Inks By Gary Mitchell, assist inks by Kendra Hale & Aaron Beatty, Colors by Veronica Smith


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