Basement Fodder episode 135

Dave and I are back talking our upcoming con appearances, news of the week and more, we’re also joined by the Basement Beesh Ariel to talk our trip to the Taylor Town Comic Con! A great show as always! click here to listen


Basement Fodder episode 134

This week Dave and I are joined by the mighty Michael Watson of Hotshot and Legacy Rising Publications! We talk Suicide Squad, the failure of Ghostbusters (yup I was right), X-Men movies and we personally thank our GoFundMe backers! A fun show as always! Click here to listen


You can drown at the surface With what remains in your lungs From fighting the current. I am still half submerged Where you set me to drift, Soon to forget, On the sea of memory.

Source: Sea

The Todd Files print review: Psycho Path #1

I took a trip this past weekend down to Taylor, Michigan for the Taylor Town Comic con. It’s always a fun show to be involved in and a chance to see friends that I don’t see on a regular basis. It also gives me the opportunity to pick up some indie comics from my favorite Michigan creators. The Michigan indie community is insanely strong, some of the most deep, well crafted and memorable books on the market come from these creators. Psycho Path #1, written by Stefani Manard and illustrated by Paul Gori is no exception. This freshman outing from Scapegoat Press is a well written, expertly plotted and deeply disturbing look at one young mans descent into darkness. We follow Zach, the son of New York’s deputy Mayor, as he deals with a world that doesn’t understand him. Zach feels like a real person, and that’s something in comics that really appeals to me. His fears and thoughts are truly those of a young man at a crossroads in his life. His father is an unforgiving and corrupt man who seems not to care if he lives or dies. The girl he’s dating is less interested in him as a man, and more concerned about a fling with a high-profile politicians son. As the story unfolds, circumstances find Zach unjustly confined to the worst mental health facility in New York where he falls victim to the sadistic and sexually charged nurse Annie. I found myself going back and reading this issue multiple times. The characterizations are strong and deftly avoid stereotyped clichés. Stefani gives you just enough to reel you in and make you feel like your inside the protagonist’s head. The villainous nurse Annie is a striking and unforgettable character, thanks largely to disturbing visuals from artist Paul Gori. This is the kind of book that makes you immediately want more, I find I can’t wait for issues 2 and 3. Stefani and Paul have created a unique and horrific origin story, and i can imagine that the best is yet to come. If you’re a fan of psychological horror, strong writing and beautifully intense artwork, I highly reccomend Psycho Path #1. – Todd