Basement Fodder episode 153

Indie comics are about passion. Above all else, to do this, a creator has to be dedicated to what they do at almost a scary level. Since we began this show, we’ve met hundreds of artists, writers, inkers, letterers and editors, each one with one thing in common…passion. A little over a year ago, we had the chance to interview a group of talented creators that were taking part in a venture that would not only create a new imprint, but a new multiverse of characters, the scope of which is little seen outside of Marvel and DC. We put our full support behind these creators and the launch titles of the imprint not only because the books were solid, but because of the boundless passion of the man who was the heart and soul of this venture, Michael Watson. Here we stand, just over one year later, and for nearly all of the creators involved in this venture, the dream of this imprint is dead. I attended S.P.A.C.E. independent comic expo in Columbus recently, and I walked down the middle isle to Michael’s table. After pleasantries and hugs were exchanged, Michael told me the story you’re about to hear on this show. With that same fiery passion that he uses to make the brilliant comics I love, he poured his heart out, his eyes bleary from the raw emotion he was feeling. I knew at that moment, this story needed to be heard. We’ve given Michael a forum to tell his story, his perspective of how his time with Legacy Rising came to an end. I urge each of you to listen to this show, especially those in the comic industry, so that what happened here can be avoided by others. Click here to listen and please share if you are so inclined.


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