About us…

Dave: An accomplished LARP’er and lifelong comic fan and formidable tabletop gamer. Dave has lived on both coasts, but he now calls The Basement of Doom home. He enjoys comics, action figures, gaming and is an avid camper and outdoorsman.


Todd: Todd makes his living as an artist, making custom action figures through his imprint Titantrap Customs. He’s a husband and father, and a lifelong comic collector. He loves horror movies, Star Trek, gaming, action figures and true crime.

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The Original Basement Babe Victoria: The beautiful pink masked lady of The Basement of Doom, Vicky has a support and always our  biggest fan since day one. She teams with the boys at live appearances, videos and the occasional podcast. She enjoys LARPing, tabletop gaming, comics, steampunk and too many other things to list.


Michelle: The beautiful and mysterious Mistress of Mayhem is an accomplished poet and podcaster. She’s a Cali girl and a proud mommy of three. She’s my part time co-host on The Todd Files: After Dark and has been a friend of the Basement of Doom for some time.10947762_10153442901106992_992504818_n


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