Basement Fodder episode 172

Dave and I have returned from oblivion to preview Wrestlemania 35! We go in depth on each matchup and give our picks for the winners. We also review Captain Marvel and Shazam! A fun show as always! click here to listen!


The Todd Files episode 33: J.R. Mounts

This week Ariel and I are joined by writer, artist and musician, J.R. Mounts. We talk about his work including “Fried Pickle Noir” and “Silver Linings”. We talk influences and our love of behind the scenes, con life experiences and so much more! A fun show as always! click here to listen!

The Todd Files episode 31: The Shepherd Creative Team

This week Ariel and I are joined by members of the creative team behind The Shepherd:The Path of Souls and The Shepherd:The Path of Dogs. Writer Andrea Molinari, his wife Myrna and artists Kyle Huston and Cristóbal Torres Iglesias. We talk about the books, the marriage of art and writing and delve deeply into PTSD and the inspiration for the series. If you suffer from PTSD or know someone that does, i urge you to listen to this weeks show. We’re extremely proud to present it. click here to listen!

The Todd Files episode 29: Victor Dandridge Jr.

Ariel and I are back this week with a man that needs no introduction, but i’ll still give him one. Founder of Vantage Inhouse Productions, writer, podcaster and King of Conventions, Victor Dandridge Jr. ! We talk about his time with Wizard World, thoughts on the passing of Stan Lee, and so much more. Listen as Victor takes the gloves off and unleashes his new persona, Scary V. An amazing show, don’t miss it! click here to listen

The Todd Files Episode 27: Landon Faulkner

Ariel and I are joined this week by a true renaissance man. Writer of comics, actor and a true cowboy, Landon Faulkner. We talk his comic origins, writing comics and screenplays, his love of pro wrestling and so much more. We also get a sneak preview of Dogwood Pass, a western series pilot he is a part of, shot on location in a functioning Old West town. A great show as always.

Click here to listen

The Man they called Vader

Leon White, better known to his fans as Big Van Vader, passed away at the age of 63 this morning. He was a mountain of a man both in stature and in heart. Vader worked all over the world, having great success in Japan, Mexico, Canada and here in the US. Many don’t know he was a standout college football center and was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1978, even playing in the Super Bowl. He had storied feuds with the likes of Stan Hansen, Sting, Nikita Koloff and most memorably, Cactus Jack AKA Mick Foley.

Many from my generation will remember his appearances on the ABC comedy “Boy Meets World”. But what I’ll always remember most about Vader, was his kindness to fans. Several years back, Dave and I were covering the Lexington Toy and Comic Con. He and Mick Foley were there celebrating the 20 year anniversary of an infamous match in which Mick lost the upper half of his ear. The pair hosted a panel to relive that match for the fans in attendance of the con. At that time, my health was not at its best and I was forced to use a wheelchair to get around at shows. During the panel, the moderator lined up those who had questions on the far right side of the carpeted ballroom.

At that time, my social anxiety was strong, but at the cajoling of Dave, I wheeled myself across the floor and sat in line patiently waiting. I remember Foley being slightly annoyed with the crowd, as many questions were not on topic and fans were not showing Vader the proper respect. By the time my turn in line came, too much time had elapsed and the panel had to end. I was disappointed,  but I understand that these things are timed strictly so the next panel can begin. Dave and I spent a little more time at the show, but as we were exhausted, we headed toward the elevators to go back to our hotel. I felt a large hand on my shoulder from behind. Dave spun me around and there smiling at me, was Leon “Vader” White. He spoke gently and apologized to me that my question didn’t get to be answered and kindly offered to do so right there. I wish i could recall what it was, but he stood there listening to me fanboy out, and gave me a thoughtful answer and a strong handshake. I’ll truly never forget that this man who had traveled the world for his craft, wrestled in front of millions of people and won countless titles, took the time to find me that day. Vader made my day, and as I write this with tears in my eyes, I hope he knew that. Thank you Leon, thank you Vader. Say hello To Owen and Eddie and I hope you can rest in peace.