Basement Fodder episode 159

Dave and I are back and better than ever! We talk Dana White and the Vegas shootings, mean spirited click bait articles, Dave’s trip to Dragon Con and so much more! A good show as always!  Click here to listen


Basement Fodder episode 158

Dave and I are back as we go in depth on McGregor vs. Mayweather, The Mae Young Classic, and the WWE Main Event Scene. Don’t fret comic fans, we also talk The Hellboy whitewashing controversy, Dave’s upcoming trip to Dragon Con and more! Plus Kickstarters of the Week! A fun show as always. click here to listen!

Farewell to the Caped Crusader

When I was only six years old, my parents took me to a car show at the old Vet’s Memorial in Columbus. By Dad was extremely excited because Batman was going to be there. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but as he ushered me to the table, a striking figure of a man in a satin cape and cowl smiled down at me. “Hello Citizen! I know that young men such as yourself are our future crime fighters, and I’d like to shake your hand.” he said. I was gobsmacked. I reached out and gripped his gloved hand as tightly as I could. Somewhere at my Mother’s house is a Polaroid of me that day, shaking the hand of Adam West. He was at a point in his career where being Batman wasn’t opening a lot of doors in Hollywood. But he didn’t care, he was Batman to every child and Dad in that hall. Through the years I became enamored with reruns of Batman ’66 on Nick at Night. I watched faithfully as Adam and Burt biffed and pow’d their way through a myriad of colorful villains. As I got older, I fell in love with the wit and camp that made it a classic. Later on, I delighted in Adam’s dry humor and broad comedy in shows like “Fairly Oddparents” and of course “Family Guy”. His inimitable voice and delivery can never be matched. I awoke today to hear the news that Adam West had passed from this world at the age of 88. Eighty eight years and god it felt too soon. He was my first Batman, he was debonair, witty and urbane. A true man of all talents. I think back today on that day I shook his hand, and I count myself incredibly lucky to have had that brief encounter with one of my heroes. Rest well Caped Crusader, the Bat Signal is dim today.

Basement Fodder episode 154

Dave and I are finally back! We talk my medical woes, the cancellation of “Powerless” and our current TV obsessions. Plus we preview Free Comic Book Day at Packrat Comics, Kickstarters of the week and much more! A fun show as always! (there is a little static at the beginning from a mic issue, i’m replacing it this week) Click here to listen

Basement Fodder episode 153

Indie comics are about passion. Above all else, to do this, a creator has to be dedicated to what they do at almost a scary level. Since we began this show, we’ve met hundreds of artists, writers, inkers, letterers and editors, each one with one thing in common…passion. A little over a year ago, we had the chance to interview a group of talented creators that were taking part in a venture that would not only create a new imprint, but a new multiverse of characters, the scope of which is little seen outside of Marvel and DC. We put our full support behind these creators and the launch titles of the imprint not only because the books were solid, but because of the boundless passion of the man who was the heart and soul of this venture, Michael Watson. Here we stand, just over one year later, and for nearly all of the creators involved in this venture, the dream of this imprint is dead. I attended S.P.A.C.E. independent comic expo in Columbus recently, and I walked down the middle isle to Michael’s table. After pleasantries and hugs were exchanged, Michael told me the story you’re about to hear on this show. With that same fiery passion that he uses to make the brilliant comics I love, he poured his heart out, his eyes bleary from the raw emotion he was feeling. I knew at that moment, this story needed to be heard. We’ve given Michael a forum to tell his story, his perspective of how his time with Legacy Rising came to an end. I urge each of you to listen to this show, especially those in the comic industry, so that what happened here can be avoided by others. Click here to listen and please share if you are so inclined.