The Todd Files episode 9

This week i’m joined by Poet and Podcaster, Michelle Joy Gallagher! We discuss her poetry chap book, podcasting, dealing with death and much more. Michelle and I met on Facebook a little over a year ago through our mutual friend Dirk Manning. Through the year we’ve done podcasts together, had hundreds of conversations and became true close friends. It’s always a pleasure to get to chat with someone of Michelle’s talent and ability. Not only is she a published poet, her chap book “A New Mourning: Poetry for the Dead” available on etsy now, she’s also hosting multiple podcasts. Her show “Death Becomes Her” is a deeply personal show about dealing with both the logistics and the emotion of death, she also recently became co-host of the “Digital Nerdage” podcast on (also home of this show and Basement Fodder!). This show was a blast to record and even more fun to try and edit. Enjoy! Click here to listen to this weeks show!


Basement Fodder episode 105

Well folks, here we are! Our first show at our new Digital Nerdage home! It took some time to make the choice to become part of a network, but we feel this will be the best home for all of us in the Basement of Doom family. This being our last show of 2015, we decided to take the opportunity to reflect on a few things but also to talk about projects that we are looking forward to in 2016 and to offer up some thanks to all those that have helped us along the way. So thanks for following us to our new home, and for all those uninitiated, welcome to DOOOOOOM!   Click here to listen to this weeks show

Basement Fodder XMas Show 2015

Its become a yearly tradition for those of us in the Basement of Doom family to gather together around Christmas, exchange gifts, share a meal, get as hammered as we can with various booze, and record the resulting hilarity. This year was no exception. I warn anyone listening to this show, we are very drunk, its incoherent and rambling and very giggly. So if you love drunken antics, sit back and enjoy this fun time, and if not, don’t worry, we’ll have our normal weekly show up this weekend. Click here to listen!

The Todd Files #8: JR Blanton

This week on The Todd Files, i’m joined by the owner of No Gravity Studios and creator of the “Light Earth” series, JR Blanton! After taking time off the recover from losing my voice, I thought what better time to talk to a good friend and to plug his Kickstarter project. We talk about the ups and downs of indie publishing, learning from crowd funding and what makes Light Earth so special. We also delve into JR’s career as a podcaster, his experience in indie wrestling and our mutual love for pro wrestling. Listen to this weeks episode!

Basement Fodder podcast #104

Has it really been two full years of episodes? Here we are at 104 and feels like yesterday that Dave and I were crowded around my desk with a loud old pc and a shitty microphone. Two years and 104 episodes later, we’re still the same assholes we were then, just with more experience under our belts. We continue the monthly tradition of WWE Pay per view coverage with a review of WWE TLC: Tables, ladders and chairs! And even though the wrestling talk is thick, we manage to finish off the show with coverage of the newest trailers for Star Trek Beyond, Tarzan and Independence Day: Resurgence. We also cover kickstarter projects you should give a look to and give a stern warning to an old friend over spoilers. Listen to this weeks show!

Basement Fodder #103

This week we were once again LIVE from Stebbins Con winter 2015! Dave had to work, so he was ably replaced by the Original Basement Babe Victoria. This show turned out to be the perfect example of what its like tabling at a Con. The first ten minutes is sort of rambling, then we’re lucky enough to be joined by makeup FX artist Ben Peter of Syfy’s Face Off season 8! This was an awesome geek moment for me as i’ve watched every episode since the beginning and Ben is responsible for some of my favorite makeups from the show. We talk his experiences on the show, the judging, the other contestants, how the show has effected his career and life. It was a true pleasure. Then i made the mistake of leaving the table for a few minutes and Victoria and our friend Gwen commandeered the show and talked about a myriad of subjects including my ass! Never again ladies! This is a fun show and i enjoyed recording it. Click here to listen to the show!

Basement Fodder #102

Dave and I are back this week expressing our confusion and frustration over the Diy Network show “Tiny House Nation”. We look at the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, which leads to some severe nerd rage from myself and Dave as well. We cover the shows of the week, Agents of SHIELD and the Flash and Arrow crossover. There’s a touch of wrestling talk at the end, as time became a concern and wrestling rants take mass time to get through, so more WWE talk is likely soon to come. I hope everyone enjoys the show and if you have anything to add or rage about our rage, let us know! Listen to this weeks show!